Get Your Next Client Challenge


Transform from "Invisible" to "Authority" in just 3 days.



Give us a few hours (spread over 3 days) and you’ll have your Visible Expert offer created and launched.



On each day of the challenge, you'll receive a handful of action items you can complete in an hour or two. We'll give you written instructions, example screenshots, and fill-in-the-blank templates to make implementation a breeze.


You'll have access to a private pop-up group where you can start discussions, celebrate milestones, and swap tips with other members. Plus, there are check-ins to keep you on track & lots of opportunities to win prizes!


This is the only place to get support from us and our whole team. Submit questions, get real-time guidance, and show up for live Q&As (or catch the replays on your own time).



Discover the missing ingredient to your marketing (and it's not what you think).


Craft your Visible Expert Offer and get noticed by your dream client.


Learn why others get noticed, why you don't, and how to fix it step-by-step.


Create a Visible Expert offer you’re super proud of (or tweak your current one).


Steal our templates to easily start conversations with dream clients.


Transform from "who are you?" to "how do we work together?" In just 3 days.


Success is the only option. Here's how we're going to make sure of it: 

  1. A tested start-to-finish launch process (we’ve done the trial and error for you)
  2. Action steps that involve actual work (not just watching videos and making plans)
  3. Templates for every step, so you don’t have to do anything from scratch
  4. Examples, checklists, and tech tutorials so you never get stuck or lost
  5. Extra momentum & encouragement from other fellow members.

Most important: you'll wrap up the challenge with the confidence to state your prices clearly and never back down just to get a sale.


It’s fun to watch inspiring videos, brainstorm cool ideas, and make detailed plans. But that’s not what this challenge is about.

Every piece of the challenge is specifically designed to help you get out of your own way, take imperfect action, and get your offer launched (plus make you more money). 

Please do not join the challenge if you don't plan on following through and launching your offer.

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I’ve bought a digital course from you in the past. How is this different?

While there's some new content in the challenge, this takes it to the next level. There’s daily action items to keep you on track, an active community for support and accountability, and live Q&A calls. Plus, you’ll get resources to make every step easier — tutorials, checklists, and more. 


Do I get instant access to everything when I sign up?

No. This is a LIVE challenge and we’ll release the content one day at a time. This makes it easy to stay in action mode & impossible to get overwhelmed. Plus, there’s lots of fun momentum since everyone’s working on the same things at the same time.


What if I can’t make it to the live calls?

Don’t worry! Whether you’re living in a different time zone, juggling your own client calls during the day, or balancing family stuff…we designed this challenge for you. You’ll be able to access the daily action items, written instructions, and downloadable resources inside the members portal. Log in there and go through the core content at your own convenience.

And for the live Q&A calls, you can submit questions in advance and watch the replays right away, or whenever it works for you. Easy. :)


I’ve launched tons of offers already. Will this still be helpful?

Lots of people have used this challenge to launch their second offer or relaunch a new version of an existing offer. You’ll get a bunch of templates, scripts, and checklists to make the process super simple. You’ll get live accountability. And you’ll get to launch your offer alongside a bunch of other awesome business owners!


Will I need a bunch of software & tools to do this?

Absolutely not! You'll need a place to take notes (either digital or print). And an internet connection ;) That’s it. (But we'll also make some suggestions if you want more advanced tools.) 


Will you help me build an audience and monetize my content?

Nope. This challenge is 100% focused on launching, and that means you’ll need an existing audience. Good news, though: you don’t need a huge following. We’ve helped dozens of business owners launch super successful offers to tiny audiences. As long as you have a few hundred people who are engaged & interested in your work, you’re good to go.  


I have one more question! How can I contact you?

We’d love to hear from you! Reach us via email, at [email protected]. We reply to emails from 9am - 4pm ET, Mondays through Thursdays.