Get our step-by-step process for creating, positioning, and selling irresistible offers your perfect-fit client simply "can't refuse"

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“So easy to use. Just sent out a tweet to validate an offer and got a positive reply within a minute. Works surprisingly well!"
— Bobby D.

At the Different Company, we've helped 200+ entrepreneurs get noticed and get more business...

But... before you get noticed, you need to have an irresistible offer that attracts the right buyers (otherwise your marketing will be a waste of time and money).

For the first time ever, we’re pulling back the curtains and sharing the entire system on how to create offers your ideal client simply can't refuse.

So, if you’ve ever wondered…

"How do I determine and reach my target market?"

"How do I articulate the value of my offer to a perfect-fit client

"How do I find out who pays me the most, the easiest?

"How do I position my offer so it stands out from the competition and actually converts?"

"How do I avoid getting on sales calls with people who either ghost me or don't have any money?"

"How do I get higher conversions for my premium-priced offer?"

"How do I convert existing clients to a new service most efficiently?"

"How do I get my offer in front of the people who need it the most?

…grab your spot in the Godfather Offer and we'll show you exactly how to craft, position, and launch irresistible offers your ideal client simply "can't refuse."

Get Godfather Offer

Here’s what you get inside the Godfather Offer training:


Your Irresistible Offer

Our step-by-step process for creating solid offers that your ideal client simply can't refuse. Just go through each step in the framework and voila! You've got a
seriously killer offer.


Validate Your Offer

Now that your offer is created, we want you getting paid for it as fast as possible. Use our "validate before you create" process to gain confidence that your ideal prospect will actually pay for your new Godfather Offer.


Launch Your Offer

Our strategy for going to your larger ideal market with a hot offer in hand. Once you get to this step, you know your ideal prospect will buy your Godfather Offer. Now we need to get as many eyeballs as possible on it. We show you how.


Sell Your

A step-by-step training on how to set up an automated opportunity system that brings in conversions for your Godfather Offer 24/7 - without
being robotic or pushy.

Let's talk bonuses, because we know you love them (who doesn't?!?)


Validate Before You Create Script

Use the same script we do to validate a Godfather Offer before we create it. Just swipe and deploy


Tracking Board

Use this tool to ensure no new opportunities fall through the cracks. Super important.


Cheat Code Survey Worksheet

The Cheat Code Survey is exactly what it sounds like: a cheat code for creating Godfather Offers!

There ya go! Inside Godfather Offer, you'll have everything you need for getting noticed by your ideal clients and attracting them with an offer they 'can't refuse'.

On-Demand Training + Bonuses

What's included:

Step-by-Step On-Demand Training

Validate Before You Create Script

Tracking Board Template

Cheat Code Survey Worksheet

3 Day Money Back Guarantee


What is the "do it for you" option?

Want the experts to handle it for you?

We have an option for you to hire our team of experts to create, launch, market, and even sell your Godfather Offer.

The investment for our concierge-level service starts at $5,000.

If you're looking for expert help in building your Godfather Offer, just fill out this quick application and our team will get back to you ASAP.

Who exactly is Godfather Offer for?

It’s for business owners who want to make more sales — not by doing more marketing, but by attracting right-fit clients in a systematic way.

Think about it this way:

Have you ever sold an offer you weren't excited about fulfilling?

Would people be more likely to buy from you if you already knew what they'd be willing to pay top dollar for?

If yes, then we think Godfather Offer will be helpful for you.

(P.S. We’ve helped all sorts of businesses craft their Godfather Offer: woodworkers, CPAs, agency owners, website designers, physiotherapists, ghostwriters, photographers, course creators, digital marketers, personal trainers, etc.)

On-Demand Training + Bonuses

What's included:

Step-by-Step On-Demand Training

Validate Before You Create Script

Tracking Board Template

Cheat Code Survey Worksheet

3 Day Money Back Guarantee


Got one last question before you sign up?
We're here to help.

Well, we do things a little differently around here. So you won’t find lots of long videos or rambling trainings. We want to help you actually get things done!

You’ll find one or two short 15 minute videos in each toolkit. And the rest will be step-by-step written instructions, ready-made templates, and easy-to-model examples.

You don’t need a big audience, big social media following, or big email list to make this work. You can learn how to attract the right client no matter the size of your digital presence.

You do need to have a place where you can unpack the toolkits and put the materials into place. This could be an email newsletter, a Facebook group, a social media account, a website, or a blog.

We think so! When you have a small client roster, it’s even more important to be intentional about attracting right-fit clients from the start. Any business—no matter the size—benefits from answering the question, "who pays me the most, the easiest?"

That being said, if that isn’t a result you’re looking for right now…then this probably isn’t for you. :)

Yep! There are a few awesome softwares we use to implement the Attractor Factor system. Some of them are free, some of them are free or paid (depending on volume of usage), and some of them are paid.

Good news, though: you won’t need all of them. We recommend different tools for different specific niches and situations. And we’ll help you figure out which ones will be helpful for your unique business and which ones you can skip.

And you can follow our step-by-step tutorials for any of the recommended tools that you choose to use.

Of course! Send us an email at [email protected]. We’d love to get you the info you need to make the right decision.

Please note that our team works Monday thru Thursday, 9am - 4pm ET, so we’re only able to reply to emails during those hours.

On-Demand Training + Bonuses

What's included:

Step-by-Step On-Demand Training

Validate Before You Create Script

Tracking Board Template

Cheat Code Survey Worksheet

3 Day Money Back Guarantee


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